The Landlords of Iowa Legislative team is ready for what will no doubt be a full year at the Iowa State Capitol. The 2019 Legislative Session was the first with our new policy team, The Capitol Group. As you may remember, our longtime government relations director, Joe Kelly, retired at the end of last year. Our new team built on the great work Joe did for Landlords of Iowa over his decades of service, and continued our legacy of developing public policy, so that great landlords can build out their businesses.

Landlords of Iowa are in the people business. We are committed to further building and maintaining strong relationships with tenants, and continuing to provide quality, affordable housing for people all over Iowa.

There are always challenges in any profession, and ours is no different. But over the years, we have always seen challenges as opportunities. When local regulations were forcing survivors of domestic violence out of their homes, or unfairly limiting families’ access to housing, we were able to successfully change state law. These are examples of the win-win approach Landlords of Iowa takes. Simply put, when we are doing well, and can freely compete, tenants have more choices and opportunities, too.

That’s the Landlords of Iowa model, and it’s alive and well. Our legislative team is ready to take that to the Iowa State Capitol once more.

Specifically, you may know that in 2019, we led the effort to reform the fraudulent issuance of emotional support animal certificates. This was a big win for Landlords and for people with disabilities. We are going to get back under the hood to strengthen consumer protections in a way that will make it more difficult for dishonest vendors to sell fraudulent ESA certifications.

Additionally, we are actively pursuing a fix for the recurring issue of local governments permanently limiting the use of owners’ property through the misclassification of zoning regulations.

Finally, it’s time to revisit City Enterprises, and in doing so, resolve the recurring issue of notice, fees, and liability for utilities.

None of these will be easy, but they all reflect common sense. Further reforms to Landlord-Tenant law in these areas will continue to allow our small businesses to grow, and to provide excellent services to our customers.

But there’s one thing – our team at the Capitol does great work. But always remember, you are the profession’s best ambassadors. So, when you have a moment, please take a moment and introduce yourself to your local legislator. Invite them to your chapter meeting, and let them know that you’ll see them in March at the Iowa State Capitol Landlords “Hill Day.” It only takes a second! Follow this link to find your legislator and to contact them.

We will put our Legislative updates on matters of interest to landlords here, so, please keep visiting this site – it’s going to be a great year. And as always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

The Landlords of Iowa Legislative Team


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