January, 2019

Meet the new Landlords of Iowa Legislative Team!

After thirty great years, our longtime government relations director, Joe Kelly, has retired. A big “thank you” to Joe for all he’s done for the rental property and housing business in the state.

We are proud to have on board The Capitol Group, a firm with a combined six decades of great experience in Iowa government as our new representatives at the statehouse. They’re keeping very busy now that the 2019 legislative session is underway. In addition, LOI Past President Daryl Kruse is once again the Legislative Chair. We are fully staffed and ready to go.

Some issues you can expect action on include:

Fraudulent commercial issuance of emotional support animal certification;
City Enterprise reform;
Residential property protection;

And as always – prepare for the unexpected!

So – the team will have its hands full. In the meantime, we’re planning for our Hill Day, in March. Before then, we’d like to ask you to take some time and introduce yourself to your state legislator. There are lots of new faces at the Iowa State Capitol, and they need to hear from you! Follow this link to find your legislator and to contact them.

Please keep visiting this site – it’s going to be a great year.

The Landlords of Iowa Legislative Team


Here are the 2018 Legislative Updates, from our Landlords of Iowa Policy Team at the Capitol, led by our government relations representative, Joe Kelly. Joe has been the lead lobbyist on landlord and rental property related issues at the state legislature for many years, and is LOI’s “Eyes and Ears” at the Legislature. LOI Past President Daryl Kruse is the Legislative Chair for 2018, and in 2017, was elected to the Cedar Falls City Council.

Landlords of Iowa has kept up a heavy pace this year, as we do every year.



Governor Kim Reynolds signed HF 2286 today, along with five other bills. HF 2286 was introduced by the Iowa Association of Realtors. It prevents cities and counties from requiring time of sale requirements before a sale can be completed. This new law will also help landlords who are selling properties on contract.

House File 2286: an Act prohibiting cities and counties from imposing time-of-sale requirements on transactions involving real property. This bill passed the Iowa House on Feb. 20, 77-21 and the Iowa Senate on March 5, 41-8.


The LOI rental judgment bill, HF 2284, passed the Senate 49-0 this afternoon.  HF 2284 will have to return to the House for another vote because it was amended.  The Senate approved an amendment from Minority Leader, Senator Janet Petersen.  The amendment would increase the time families with minors who were sexually abused can file for judgments.

The Senate accepted the House version for rental judgments: 10 years in courts not of record, usually small claims court; and 20 years in courts of record, district court.


Two LOI supported bills had a floor vote today.  HF 2284, the rental judgment bill, passed the House, with a LOI amendment, on a vote of 80-15.

HF 2284 goes to the Senate where a similar bill is sitting on the calendar.  HF 2284 is the better version.  Therefore, we will be working to get the Senate to adopt the House version of the bill.

SF 2365, a bill dealing with service/assistance animals, easily passed the Senate on a vote of 49-0.  An amendment passed which rewrote the bill.  LOI was involved with the rewrite of SF 2365.  Click on amendment S-5124, and you will see the new version of the bill.  SF 2365 will go to the House calendar where there is another version of this bill.  The Senate bill is better.  We will be reviewing the issue to see if there is anything else we can do.

The Senate version does not have any real penalty for misrepresenting  a companion animal. The misrepresentation of a service animal does carry a penalty of a simple misdemeanor. However, it’s unlikely that you will see many, if any, convictions on this matter.

HF 2284 by McKean

Judgments for Rent

H-8158 by McKean – adopted

H-8179 to H-8158 by Wolfe – withdrawn

HF 2284 – as amended – passed 80-15

SF 2365 – Veterans Affairs

Service Animals

S-5124 by Dawson – Ad., v/v

SF 2365 (as amended) – Passed, 49-0


HF 2286, the Realtors bill which prevents cities from interfering with real property sales contracts, passed the Senate this afternoon on a vote of 41-8.

The bill now goes to the Governor.

HF 2284, our rental judgment bill, is scheduled for debate in the Iowa House tomorrow.  There is an amendment to the bill which states collection can go up to 10 years in courts not of record, usually small claims court; and 20 years for courts of record, district court.  These changes would give landlords the same rights as others who are trying to collect on judgments.  It is also helpful in that if you go to district court, and have judgments for rents and property damage combined into one judgment, you won’t be penalized with the lesser collection time of 5 years, which is the current law for rent collections.  It would be moved up to 20 years, no matter how the judges want to package it.

If you haven’t done so already, it would be a great time to send your House member an email, asking for support of HF 2284.  The message is that we want the same rights for collecting judgments as anyone else. We’re not asking for more rights; just the same rights!




SF 2357 passed the Senate yesterday on a vote of 32-17.  Joining the 29 Republicans in voting for the bill were the following 3 Democrats: Senator Allen, Senator Mathis, and Senator McCoy.

If passed by the House and signed by the Governor, SF 2357 would raise the jurisdictional limits in small claims from $5000 to $7500.

A bill for an act relating to jurisdictional changes to small claims court cases. (Formerly SF 42.)